Supplemental Application

All applicant to the Bachelor of Media Studies program are required to submit a supplemental application. Browse the tabs below to learn about the details of the supplemental application. Applicants are encouraged to use the supplemental application as a way to express their current interests and involvement in all areas of media studies.

What do I need to submit for the supplemental application?

To begin your supplemental application for the Bachelor of Media Studies program, you must have a UBC campus-wide log in (CWL) and an 8-digit UBC student number. The supplemental application consists of three sections.

After you complete your application at, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. This email will contain your 8-digit UBC student number. You will need to this number to submit your BMS supplemental application.

Your written response should answer the below prompt. Your response should be no more than 500 words, and submitted in PDF format.

Tell us what led you to apply to the Bachelor of Media Studies program. Beyond practice, what are your interests in media studies? What questions are you asking about media, and what questions should people be asking about media? What do you think about changes in communicative practices? Explain how the Bachelor of Media Studies will help you achieve your intellectual, personal, and professional ambitions – especially, how the study paths open to you in the program speak to your interests and ideas. Please be specific.

Applicants must submit an online digital portfolio (a website) to showcase their three samples of work. The online digital portfolio must include:

  1. Three samples of work.
  2. A 300-word summary of your portfolio.

The three samples of work should illustrate your interest in media studies and your familiarity and experience with media. It should contain samples of your original work that demonstrate your best work and ideas from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Your portfolio should highlight your intellectual and creative approaches to media studies, and should include works that display your knowledge, ideas, creativity, and relevant skills. Because the portfolio is a representation of you, there is no set format or way of putting together your portfolio. The primary goal of your digital portfolio is to show the admissions committee your ideas, interest, and experience with media studies.

The 300-word summary of your portfolio should summarize your portfolio and your conceptual ideas behind your samples of work. Use this summary as an opportunity to frame your portfolio for the Admissions Committee. Show us your interest and strengths in media studies, and how this portfolio is a reflection of some of the things you have been thinking about around media.

What are some examples of work that I can include in my online digital portfolio?

The program recognizes that media encompasses many things. The list below are some examples - but not all - of the types of works that can be included in the digital portfolio.

  • Artwork or graphics such as drawing, sketching, painting, photography, typography, design, illustration, and technical drawing: and/or examples of work for theatre or film production. Digital submissions in .jpg, .pdf, format are preferred.
  • Films, animation or motion graphics no more than 3 minutes long. Video content must be uploaded to a third-party site such as WordPress, Vimeo, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Video content should be viewable on the applicant's online portfolio. Content requiring a password will not be considered.
  • Coding (please include and document at least 100 lines of original code that you created)
  • Images from a sketchbook or concept/idea book (e.g. studies and examples of your media/tools experiments, process explorations)
  • Interactive media (e.g. website design, game design, smartphone apps, and/or other interactive work)
  • Creative writing samples, or papers or essays in subject or topic matter that may relate to media studies (all writing samples must be in English)

Supplemental Application Tips

  • Consider submitting samples in different mediums to illustrate your range of interests and experience.
  • Applicants do not need to pay for a special domain name, and are welcome to use free hosting websites or website builders such as WixUBC, or WordPress to customize their website. Be creative and use the web platform (in addition to the three samples of work) as a way to express your interest, experience, and familiarity with media studies.
  • The website for your digital portfolio is an opportunity to get creative and can be used as a medium as well to show your interests.
  • Several pieces can be submitted together as one sample. For example, you can submit 5 photographs together as one sample of work. Applicants are encouraged to keep in mind that due to the high volume of applications and portfolios, they should be mindful of submitting a reasonable number of samples.
  • If a sample of work is a collaborative effort, please clearly state your role in its production.
  • Physical portfolios and letters of recommendation will not be accepted as a part of the supplemental application.

Pre-Submission Checklist

Before submitting your application, go over the below checklist to ensure you've completed all the requirements. Have you...

  • Prepared your written response as a PDF file?
  • Created a website for your three samples of work?
  • Uploaded video or audio content to a third-party site so they can be viewed easily without a password?
  • Does your digital portfolio include 1) three samples of work and 2) a 300-word summary of your portfolio?