Alumni Profile: Tamara Osseiran

As a graduate of the BMS program, Tamara has used her enthusiasm to network, connect, and create to find unique opportunities in the field of User Experience (UX) Design.

Making Connections

During her time at UBC, Tamara made it a point to develop her connections on campus, both within the BMS program and outside of it. As a member of the Pacific Venture Capital Conference and Competition (PVCC), Tamara networked with her fellow club members – something she recommends for any students looking to connect with their peers. Through referrals from her newfound connections, Tamara began developing her portfolio, primarily by teaming up with different individuals who needed designers for their ongoing projects.

“It wasn’t until year two that I really began to understand the value of the BMS cohort system. I truly appreciate that I now have a network of close, lifetime friends who I know I can count on in the future.”
BMS Graduate, 2019

In conjunction with her BMS degree, Tamara also completed a Minor in Commerce, which helped expose her to different areas of the business world, such as accounting, finance and human resources. Tamara found that by learning about the different aspects of commerce, she was able to grasp essential concepts and terminology, which later helped her to understand her clients’ needs and apply them to her creative process.

Before Graduation

In her final semester at UBC, Tamara gravitated towards UX/UI Design and worked on posting her creative projects on LinkedIn. After receiving a positive response, she saw her online network of contacts grow exponentially. Through her online research, Tamara learnt that designers in the UX industry were not only posting in their portfolios, but also sharing them on platforms such as Medium, Twitter and Slack. Connecting with designers through various platforms helped Tamara grow her creative network beyond the scope of her UBC community, as well as broaden her knowledge of the industry itself.

Case Study: Black Top Cabs
Tamara Osseiran

Tamara also collaborated with fellow BMS students to take her creative portfolio through multiple iterations, starting with a very basic design to what her professional portfolio looks like today. Before graduating from the program, Tamara looked at available job postings in her desired field to glean what kind of skills she needed to develop, and took accessible online courses through SuperHi and Udemy to further develop her own projects.

Working in the Industry

After finishing her degree, Tamara was able to cultivate a comprehensive resume using skills she acquired in her BMS classes, such as infographics design. Her wide array of skills built in the program, combined with her own creativity and work ethic helped Tamara draw in clients and build a successful portfolio. Using the program’s cohort structure, Tamara also built a community of media professionals and collaborators that she still keeps in touch with today.

Design mock up for CongruiTy 
Tamara Osseiran

Currently, Tamara works as an independent contractor in UX/UI Design, assessing app efficiency and effectiveness, as well as designing systems that are deeply rooted in human empathy for companies like CongruiTy and Sphvere. She is simultaneously building her own design studio, Whitespace Studios, in order to provide clients with a suite of custom design services.