screen-richard-7-199x300Richard Arias-Hernandez
Lecturer in the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS)
484 IBLC | richard.arias@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Information technology design and social justice, digital libraries and archives, visual analytics.
Teaches: INFO 250, INFO 419


cropped-mburgess_2016Miranda Burgess
Associate Professor, English (ENGL)
BuTo 512 | miranda.burgess@ubc.ca
Research Interests: 19th-century (Romanticism), 18th-century, New Formalism, history of science, media, poetics, theory.
Teaches: ENGL 332


cropped-cropped-image_na21124Candis Callison
Chair, Bachelor of Media Studies Program; Associate Professor, School of Journalism (JRNL)
Sing Tao 203 | candis.callison@ubc.ca | Twitter: @candiscallison
Research Interests: Changes to media practices and platforms, journalism ethics, role of social movements in public discourse, science and technology
Teaches: JRNL 400


cropped-cropped-image_na21124Richard Cavell
Professor, Department of English;
BuTo 506 | r.cavell@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Media theory, with a special focus on the work of Marshall McLuhan.
Teaches: ENGL 232


cropped-cropped-image_na21124Robyn Citizen
Sessional Instructor, Asian Studies (ASIA)
Asian Centre 411 | robyn.citizen@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Japanese and Korean film.
Teaches: FIST 100 (CAP Media Studies)



cropped-dsc5433_claxton_280x360-51_webDana Claxton
Associate Professor, Art History, Visual Art (AHVA)
Dorothy Somerset Studios 110 | dana.claxton@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Performance art, multi-channel installation, video, Aboriginal screen culture, Spirit and the everyday.
Teaches: VISA 241


cropped-donofrio_160Christine D’Onofrio
Instructor, Art History, Visual Art (AHVA)
Dorothy Somerset Studios 206 | christine.donofrio@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Humour, feminism, political and social justice, print, new media, interactivity, moving image, photography.
Teaches: VISA 110 (CAP Media Studies)


cropped-grafton-kathrynKathryn Grafton
Instructor, English; Faculty Lead, CAP Media Studies
IKBL 359 | kathryn.grafton@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Canadian literature, media, genre and reception studies, academic writing and research.
Teaches: ASTU 100A (CAP Media Studies)


cropped-ilincaiurascu1Ilinca Iurascu
Assistant Professor of German, Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies (CENES)
BuTo 216| iurascu@mail.ubc.ca
Research Interests: 18th-20th century German and comparative literature, media theory, material culture studies, film studies, early cinema
Teaches: GERM 412


cropped-mansoor_author_photo_2016_150x200Jaleh Mansoor
Assistant Professor, Art History, Visual Art (AHVA)
Auditorium Annex A270 | jalehm@mail.ubc.ca
Research Interests: Twentieth-century European art, Marxism, Marxist feminism, and critical theory.
Teaches: ARTH 380


cropped-cropped-image_na21124Jennifer Moss
Adjunct Instructor, Creative Writing (CRWR)
Research Interests: Writing for podcast, producing for radio
Teaches: CRWR 213, CRWR 302



cropped-mathijs-head-shot-2012Ernest Mathijs
Associate Head, Theatre and Film; Professor, Film Studies
Auditorium Annex 244A | ernest.mathijs@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Alternative cinema (cult film, genre cinema, independent films) David Cronenberg, European horror films.
Teaches: FIST 240, FIST 340


cropped-nathanLisa Nathan
Associate Professor and Coordinator of the First Nations Curriculum Concentration, School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (SLAIS)
IKBLC 470 | 604-822-6656 | lisa.nathan@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Ways of managing and redesigning information and practices for long-term societal challenges (e.g., decolonization, social justice, environmental resilience).
Teaches: INFO 456



cropped-pina_53Manuel Piña
Associate Professor, Art History, Visual Art (AHVA)
BC Binning Studios 207 | manuel.pina@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Photography, new media.
Teaches: VISA 210