Core Plus Courses

Students in the BMS program take 12 credits of Core Plus Courses as a part of their degree. These courses offer students the opportunity to become more specialized in an area of media studies. BMS students must complete this requirement prior to graduation, but do not have to complete the Core Plus Credits alongside the Core Courses, which must be completed in 4 years.

  • Not all courses are offered every session. Courses that are part of the Core Plus list are offered at the discretion of the department that teaches the course (for example: Political Science teaches POLI courses). If you would like to know if a department is offering a course, please email the department directly, and not the BMS program.
  • BMS students are still required to complete the necessary pre-reqs for any courses on the Core Plus list. Just like all other UBC students, BMS students must fulfill the necessary pre-requisites prior to registering for a specific course. Students are encouraged to take upper-level Core Plus Courses in their third and fourth years, and plan to complete lower level pre-requisites in their first two years of study.
  • Core Plus Courses at the graduate level require special permission from the program manager and departments that offer the courses. Students must have 4th year standing in order to register in 500-level courses.

Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies (ACAM)

ACAM 350 (3 credits) Asian Canadian Community-Based Media

Anthropology (ANTH)

ANTH 378 (3 credits) Anthropology of Media

ANTH 478 (3 credits) Ethnographic Film Methods

Art History (ARTH)

ARTH 101 (3 credits) Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Visual Studies

ARTH 102 (3 credits) Crisis and Contradiction in Art and the Built Environment

ARTH 226 (3 credits) Art in Europe and North America 1500-1900

ARTH 227 (3 credits) Art and the Visual Environment in the Modern and Post-Modern Periods

ARTH 345 (3 credits) History of Photography: Archive, Spectacle, Reality

ARTH 445 (3 credits) Film and the City (Cross-listed as GEOG 456. Students will only receive credit for one course.)

Arts Studies (ASTU)

ASTU 204D (3 credits) Introduction to Strategic Design (Approved as Core Plus for 2016W only)

Asian Studies (ASIA)

ASIA 326 (3 credits) Critical Approaches to Manga and Anima

ASIA 327 (3 credits) Korean Popular Music in Context

ASIA 369 (3 credits) Asian Folklore

ASIA 395 (3 credits) Folk Cultures in the Asian Diaspora

Computer Science (CPSC)

CPSC 210 (4 credits) Software Construction

CPSC 310 (4 credits) Introduction to Software Engineering

CPSC 430 (3 credits) Computers and Society

Creative Writing (CRWR)

CRWR 206 (3 credits) Introduction to Writing for the Screen

CRWR 208 (3 credits) Introduction to Writing for Graphic Forms

CRWR 306 (3 credits) Intermediate Writing for the Screen

CRWR 307 (3 credits) Intermediate Writing for the Stage and Radio

CRWR 310 (3 credits) Video Game Writing & Narrative

Digital Media (DMED)

These courses are restricted to students in Year 4 of the BMS program.

DMED 500 (3 credits) Foundations of Digital Media

DMED 503 (3 credits) Foundations of Game Design

DMED 540 (3 credits) Special Projects in Digital Media

English (ENGL)

ENGL 419 (3 credits) - History of the Book

Film Production (FIPR)

FIPR 101 (3 credits) Introduction to the History of Film Production

FIPR 234 (3 credits) Production Planning and Professional Practices

FIPR 338 (3 credits) Motion Picture Sound

FIPR 339 (3 credits) Post-Production Techniques I

FIPR 434 (3 credits) Producing for Film and Television

FIPR 469 (3 credits) Special Projects

Film Studies (FIST)

FIST 300 (3 credits) Cult Cinema

FIST 331 (3 credits) Studies in Film Theory

First Nations Indigenous Studies (FNIS)

FNIS 100 (3 credits) Indigenous Foundations

FNIS 210 (3 credits) Indigenous Politics and Self-Determination

FNIS 220 (3 credits) Representation and Indigenous Cultural Politics

FNIS 401F (3 credits) Indigenous New Media (Approved for 2016W only)

FNIS 401T (3 credits) Indigenous Theatre and Film (Approved for 2016W only)

FNIS 401W (3 credits) New Media Practices and Applications

FNIS 454 (3 Credits) Indigenous New Media

History (HIST)

 HIST 109 (3 credits) Cultural Histories of Media: From Writing to Tweeting (Not offered 17W)

HIST 494 (3 credits) Machines< Media, and Modernity: Frankenstein to Cinema (Not offered 17W)

Journalism (JRNL)

In order to register in this course, BMS students must have 4th year standing and need to email the Program Manager for permission to register in a graduate-level course.

JRNL 400 (3 credits) Feminist Postcolonial Critique and Journalism in a Digital Age

JRNL 520A (3 credits) Special Topics in Contemporary Journalism: "Decoding Social Media"

Library and Information Studies (LIBR)

In order to register in these courses, BMS students must have 4th year standing and need to email the Program Manager for permission to register in a graduate-level course.

LIBR 541 (3 credits) New Media for Children and Young Adults

LIBR 556 (3 credits) Information Design II: Documents

LIBR 559A (3 credits) Sociotechnical Perspectives of Information Systems

Music (MUSC)

Students interested in the Applied Music Technology Minor should take MUSC 119 in first year and contact the Program Manager.

MUSC 119 (3 credits) Introduction to Music Technology

MUSC 319A (3 credits) Introduction to Electroacoustic Music

MUSC 320 (3 credits) Computer Music

MUSC 419 (3 credits) Interactive Performance Systems

Political Science (POLI)

POLI 385 (3 credits) Public Opinion and Elections

Psychology (PSYC)

PSYC 325 (3 credits) Socialization: Media Content and Effects

Theatre (THTR)

THTR 205 (3 credits) Graphics for Theatre and Film Design

THTR 250 (3 credits) Technical Production

Visual Arts (VISA)

VISA 180 (3 credits) Studio One: Foundation and Media

VISA 183 (3 credits) Studio Two: Meanings and Materials

VISA 250 (3 credits) Print Media

VISA 310 (3 credits) Intermediate Digital Arts I

VISA 311 (3 credits) Intermediate Digital Arts II

VISA 340 (3 credits) Intermediate Photography I

VISA 341 (3 credits) Intermediate Photography II

VISA 375 (3 credits) Artists in Society

One of:

The five courses below all have a statistics focused, and students should choose only one of the below if considering a Core Plus Course that is focused on statistics. Students are not required to take one of the below courses as a Core Plus, but should have the appropriate prerequisites if considering taking one of the below courses and adding statistics to their knowledge base.

STAT 200 (3 credits) Elementary Statistics for Applications

STAT 203 (3 credits) Statistical Methods

POLI 380 (3 credits) Quantitative Methods in Political Science

GEOG 374 (3 credits) Statistics in Geography

SOCI 328A (3 credits) Social Statistics I