About Media Studies

What is Media Studies?

Media Studies combines artistic, technical, and analytical skills to help you understand new media and the impact of technological innovation on our interactions and in our society. Broadly, we can say that media studies inquires into technological innovations which ‘mediate’ interactions – that is, enable new ways for us to talk to each other. Radio and television, film, blogs and Twitter, Instagram are all media. So are books and photographs. Media Studies asks questions about the nature and effect of these means of interaction. It also explores opportunities for creative use of media and for invention of new applications.

What is unique about the UBC Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) degree program?

The UBC Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) blends practice, theory and research methodology to prepare our students to negotiate the emerging knowledge economy; as specialists in the digital arts and digital industries.

1) A traditional Arts degree with added hands-on experience

The UBC BMS offers students the opportunity for focused and professionally-oriented studies, while simultaneously having access to the full variety of courses available in the Faculty of Arts. BMS students follow a core curriculum, and may use their electives to further specialize, or to branch out and incorporate more variety and exploration into their degree.

2) Access to unique course offerings

UBC BMS students will have access to studio courses otherwise reserved for majors in other programs, and to curriculum previously available only to graduate students.

3) Connections to the local and global

Vancouver, a world renowned cultural hub, is home to a thriving media industry which includes gaming, film and digital innovation in the arts. UBC BMS students will have the opportunity to complement their degree by gaining experience in co-op work terms and courses that connect theory and research to community-based projects. Students will also have the opportunity to study at other cultural hubs abroad by taking a structured term in media studies at partner universities.