Shavonne Yu (2019)


Projected Graduation Year:

BMS Specialization:
Environmental design

Favourite classes so far:

  • FIPR 233 – Video Production I
  • CRWR 213 – Intro to writing for New Media
  • ENGL 232 – Approaches to Media Studies

Meet second year Bachelor of Media Studies student, Shavonne Yu. Before starting at UBC Shavonne’s work was known throughout her secondary school, particularly the student agenda she designed:

When Shavonne thought about post-secondary studies, she contemplated going away to satisfy her love of travel, but when she realized she was going to stay in town she took deliberate steps to ensure her off-campus first year experience was going to be a good one.

Though she decided to live at home while studying at UBC, Shavonne was undeterred from finding community on the UBC campus. Following in her personal areas of interest, Shavonne joined many clubs on campus including: Radio Club – (hosting and reporting for Arts Report for CiTR), Ubyssey newspaper (submitting illustrations) UBC Music Initiative, Unlimited Dance Club, UBC Social Enterprise Club, Blank Vinyl Project.
Shavonne donated many hours of time working on digital projects; below you can see one of the assets she created for Beneath One Sky and the Blank Vinyl Project:
Early on in her university career Shavonne decided to take advantage of the time she gained by living at home. She used all of her extra time to challenge herself with media projects which interested her.

She has already won two different design competitions on campus. Her mural design won the Beautify My Bike Cage design contest.

And her Trick Out the Trike design won the competition to design the UBC Arts and Culture Ticket Trike. Below are the concept drawings that won her the trike design competition:

By building up her portfolio in her first two years at UBC, Shavonne landed a virtual reality-focused Work Learn position with the Department of Geography. This ground-breaking project will let users visit Stanley Park in virtual reality. Shavonne’s contribution to the project includes optimizing the user experience and creating the main user interface.
Knowing that Shavonne has already accomplished so much by only 2nd year leaves one to be curious and excited to know what she will be up to next! Check out her website to see her complete portfolio of work.