Media Studies Peer and Academic Mentorship Program

The BMS Peer and Academic Mentor Program provides mentoring for first-year BMS students to support and enhance their engagement in and achievement towards academic success and developing life-long learning habits. The program aims to shape first-year BMS students’ cohort learning approaches, and assist in developing rewarding Media Studies experiences.

Meet your 2020 -2021 BMS Peer & Academic Mentors


Hi! I’m Vidushy and I’m a second-year BMS student. In my free time, I enjoy learning new languages and writing poetry. I’m excited for all of you to be embarking on the journey I took last year. University is an exhilaratingly different world and you're going to be introduced to a million new things. But, I'm sure you'll love every step of it. Good luck!


Ky Kim is a third-year student in the Bachelor of Media Studies program working towards a minor in Creative Writing. He is also invested in filmmaking, photography, music composition, and gardening. In his free time, he enjoys dancing urban hip-hop and flying drones. He is interested in various fields of media studies and plans to continue his research in cinema and media culture in the M.A. program after graduation. He is eager to share his BMS experiences and provide any needed guidance for first-year students so that they can adjust naturally into the BMS cohort and get through academic obstacles smartly.

Hello! I’m Claire Lin, BMS year 2. I’m interested in English literature and academic writing. I like patterned buttoned-down shirts, BTS, and dance (come join the Dance Horizons club DHC
team!). With the support of your profs and cohort, you guys are going to have a lovely first year in Media Studies! I look forward to meeting you!

Welcome to UBC’s Media Studies program! My name is Jueun Park and I’m in my second year of BMS. I enjoy taking photographs, designing surrealist digital artworks, and watching movies on a comfy couch, cozy at home. One of my favourite parts of BMS is that I get to explore my interests in digital arts and films with academic and practical approaches. And I am beyond thrilled to share our journey with Media Studies this year. I am looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Hi! I'm Hui and I'm a 2nd year student in the BMS program with a minor in English lit. I'm excited to share and help to improve your first-year experience despite these circumstances, and I think that I have tips from my own experiences in BMS that will help you with study habits, specific courses, and anything else that might come up! Outside of classes, I like to read and write in my own time, and spend an inordinate amount of time online.

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