Media Studies Peer and Academic Mentorship Program

The BMS Peer and Academic Mentor Program provides mentoring for first-year BMS students to support and enhance their engagement in and achievement towards academic success and developing life-long learning habits. The program aims to shape first-year BMS students’ cohort learning approaches, and assist in developing rewarding Media Studies experiences.

We are currently recruiting additional BMS Peer & Academic Mentors!

If you’re interested in joining our team and have a standing of Year 2 or higher, you can still apply! The deadline is Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 12:00 PM PST. You will need to submit a resume, and a cover letter (which should include a 250-word account of your undergraduate experience in the BMS program so far, and one suggested topic of your own which may or may not be incorporated into the schedule). To apply, send in these supporting documents to

Meet our current mentors!

Hello! I'm Claire Lin, BMS year 3.  My favourite areas of study within the program are close-reading for English literature and transmedia storytelling practices. I like patterned buttoned-down shirts, reading awful webnovels, and watching volleyball highlight videos. With the support of your profs and cohort, you guys are going to have a lovely first year in Media Studies! I look forward to meeting you!

Ask Me About... study tips, writing research essays, living in UBC dorms, CPSC 110, book recommendations, making the most out of inevitable procrastination, and how to focus in an environment non-conducive to learning.



Welcome to UBC’s Media Studies program!

My name is Jueun Park and I’m a third year student in BMS. I enjoy writing, binge-watching films from my recommendation list, taking photographs and collaging them into surreal photos, staying cozy at home on typical rainy Vancouver days.

I am beyond excited to share my interests and tips for BMS with you all this year!


Hi! I'm Hui and I'm a 3rd year student in the BMS program with a minor in English lit.

I'm excited to share and help improve your first-year experience and I think that I have tips from my own experiences in BMS that will help you with study habits, specific courses, and anything else that might come up! I'm interested in media theory, critical theory, and postcolonial studies.Outside of classes, I like to read and write when I have free time and also spend lots of time in the digital world.

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