Transfer to BMS

Transferring into the BMS

The Bachelor of Media Studies has garnered interests from students who are already studying at UBC, and students attending other post-secondary institutions. The BMS is a four year, direct-entry program for students who have not completed any post-secondary education. Please note that the BMS program has a very limited number of seats and a competitive admissions process. Seats are not guaranteed beyond successful application into Year 1. Students cannot transfer into Years 3 and 4 of the BMS.

Visit the FAQ for more details on transferring.

Transferring from within the Faculty of Arts at UBC Vancouver:

Given the highly competitive nature of the program and limited number of seats available, current BA students at UBC are discouraged from attempting to transfer into the Bachelor of Media Studies program. Entry into Year 2 of the program is not guaranteed, and only available in the rare chance that a current student chooses to leave the program.

Students currently enrolled in the BA program at UBC Vancouver are encouraged to meet with an Arts Academic Advisor to create an academic plan with specializations in the BA program that can enable them to become experts in an area of media studies. The Bachelor of Arts is a flexible program which can be designed to include some of the same offerings as the Bachelor of Media Studies.

Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with an Arts Advisor before attempting to pursue this option. After meeting with an Arts Advisor, current BA students must email the Program Manager and submit a supplemental application by the application deadline to be considered for a transfer into the BMS program.

Transferring from another post-secondary institution:

Students who are currently enrolled in similar programs at other post-secondary institutions are not encouraged to transfer into later years of the program, but can apply for admission into Year 1. Students wishing to enter from another post-secondary institution must apply as a Year 1 prospective student, and indicate in your supplemental application that you are currently attending another post-secondary institution in a similar program. Any previously completed courses will be considered as elective credits. Note that this will mean a minimum of an additional 4 years of study at UBC, as all BMS students must complete their Core Courses together.

Students should complete a full UBC online application form for Year 1 of the BMS, including the personal profile, by the UBC application deadline. Applicants must meet the competitive admission requirements, including the specific courses and submission of a portfolio. Please see Admissions.

Transfer credit

Transfer credit will be assessed by the UBC Enrolment Services once you have applied to UBC. If you’re attending a BC college/university you can see how your courses will transfer to UBC by using the BC Transfer Guide. Unless receiving transfer credit for a course that is a direct equivalent of a BMS Core or Core Plus course, transfer credit will be used to fulfill the electives requirement of the Bachelor of Media Studies program.

Some considerations:

  • Core courses are not normally eligible for transfer credit to ensure admitted students work through the program together with their fellow BMS students. If you have transfer credit that you think may be applicable to a Core Course, please email the program manager.
  • Seats in the BMS core courses are limited. In some cases there may be no seats, or only very few, for non-BMS students.
  • Some courses will only start to be offered as the first intake of BMS students move through their degree. As such, new Year 4 courses will be offered in the 2017 Winter Session.
  • Admission is not available directly into Years 3 and 4.