Admissions overview

The Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) program at UBC is a cohort-based program with a limited number of available seats per cohort.

The supplemental application opens November 1, 2023.

Start preparing your portfolio and written responses for admission in September 2024 today. Supplemental applications for all applicants must be submitted by January 15, 2024.

There are two admissions pathways in the BMS:

  • Direct entry, for applicants seeking admission directly into Year 1 of the program (including all students applying from secondary school); and
  • Year 2 entry, for applicants seeking to join the Year 2 cohort, and graduate from the BMS after three years of study.

Year 2 entry is only available to students who validate the Foundational Preparatory Academic Requirement; see the Year 2 entry page for details.

Direct-entry (from high school) and external-to-UBC transfer applicants interested in the BMS program must complete a two-step application process:

  1. An online application to UBC through the EduPlannerBC platform
  2. A supplemental application to the BMS program

Current UBC Vancouver students do not need to re-submit through EduPlannerBC, and only need to submit their supplemental application under their current UBC student number.

UBC Okanagan students need to submit the Change of Degree Program/Campus request on the Student Service Centre before they submit their supplemental application. UBC–Okanagan students do not need to re-submit through EduPlannerBC.

UBC Application

Direct-entry and external-transfer applicants who are not already attending either campus of UBC must submit their online application to UBC and pay the application fee through the provincial EduPlannerBC platform, and select the Bachelor of Media Studies as their first choice of program. If you select the BMS program as your second choice, your application will not be assessed. Alternatively, if you do not have a second choice program, we recommend that you select the Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Please remember that you must submit all the required documents to UBC Admissions by the stated deadlines in order to be considered for the program. The BMS program office does not process transcripts or other documents; please contact UBC Admissions directly for questions about academic requirements or standardized tests, document submission, and English-language proficiency validation. Admission to the BMS Program is conditional, and you will not receive an offer if you do not meet the minimum requirements for admission to UBC and to the Faculty of Arts.

Upon submission of your UBC application and validation of payment, you will be assigned a UBC Student Number. This is the identifier you will use to submit your supplemental application.

If you’re already studying at UBC Vancouver, you only need to submit your Supplemental Application under your UBC student number. If you’re currently studying at UBC Okanagan, ensure you submit your Change of Degree Program/Campus request by January 15, 2024.

BMS Supplemental Application

The supplemental application for admission in September 2024 will open on November 1, 2023. The deadline for submission for all applicants is January 15, 2024. You must have a UBC Student Number before you begin the application.

Transferring into the BMS program

If you’ve already begun your post-secondary studies, whether at UBC or another institution, you may still apply to transfer into the BMS. If you’ve completed enough relevant coursework, you may be eligible to enter Year 2 of the program.

If you have not completed enough relevant coursework to meet the Foundational Preparatory Academic Requirement, you can still apply to year 1 of the program according to the instructions above:

  • UBC Vancouver students only need to submit a supplemental application under their UBC Student Number.
  • UBC Okanagan students must complete a Change of Degree Program/Campus request before submitting their supplemental application to the program.
  • Students attending an institution other than UBC must apply through the EduPlannerBC portal before submitting their supplemental application to the program.

Students who have only completed secondary school will not be considered for year 2 entry. The submission deadline for all applicants and all admissions pathways is January 15, 2024.

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