Study Abroad

The Bachelor of Media Studies program encourages all students to gain international experience during their time at UBC. In the BMS, students are challenged to think about media from a multitude of perspectives, and to be an active part of the globalized world. In the second term of third year, students in the Bachelor of Media Studies program have the opportunity to study abroad. Students can choose to study at one of UBC’s 200+ partners in almost every major country in the world, or study exclusively with a university partnered with the Bachelor of Media Studies program. No matter the location, an international experience builds independence, initiative and adaptability – important traits that employers are constantly on the lookout for.

Study on a Structured Term Abroad

The Bachelor of Media Studies has partnered with three European universities to offer a distinctive and unique exchange opportunity:

  • Free University of Berlin in Berlin, Germany
  • Copenhagen University in Denmark, Copenhagen
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) in Munich, Germany

Chosen specifically for their expertise in media research, theory, and application, students will have the opportunity to study from specially chosen curriculum that complements the curriculum here at UBC. More than a regular exchange program, students who opt to study with one of our partner universities will have a rich academically-focused experience, designed to focus on European media and open doors to media in another part of the world.

Study Abroad Anywhere in the World

Partnered with over 200 universities and institutions worldwide, studying abroad lets you venture out into the world to meet people, build skills and gain perspective in a way that you would never imagine. Have you always wanted to live in another city in the world, or practice language skills that will help you both in your education and beyond? UBC offers many different opportunities for students to get their international experience.