Media Studies Student Association

“The Media Studies Student Association aims to foster community in the Bachelor of Media Studies program. We focus on showcasing the diversity of our students, and providing opportunities for personal, professional, and academic growth. By connecting with organizations involved in new media, we can inform about the unique BMS program and support students through their journey.” –  The Media Studies Student Association (MSSA)


MSSA Executive Board Breakdown

  • President – This role acts as a liaison to the Student Administrative Commission (SAC), calls general meetings, and chairs executive meetings among the MSSA board.  The president also acts as a booking representative for MSSA, and represents MSSA during internal and external connections both on campus and outside the university.
  • Vice President – The role of the vice president is to act in the president’s stead, including working with and supervising fellow executive committee members on individual projects.
  • Vice President Internal – The role of VP Internal includes liaising between all the executives, coordinating meetings among the executive board while managing the meeting schedule. During meetings with executive members, the VP Internal keeps a record of meeting minutes for future reference.
  • Vice President External – The role of VP External is to maintain the presence of MSSA on the UBC campus, while coordinating between other clubs and organizations around UBC
  • Vice President Marketing – This role includes promoting MSSA events to the student body, whether that is through graphic design, scheduling, or working alongside the VP of Social Media to promote the club online. The VP Marketing also creates a marketing schedule for the upcoming year, and maintains MSSA’s participation in university events such as club days.
  • Treasure – The Treasurer acts as a liaison between the Finance Commission, and acts as a booking representative for MSSA.  The Treasurer is also the sole singing officer for MSSA, and keeps track of club finances.
  • Vice President Logistics – The main objectives for the VP Logistics is to manage the operational aspects of all events, from booking event spaces to coordinating volunteers if necessary. They also coordinate catering and décor, and while setting up the registration process for events.
  • MSSA Representative to the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) – This role will entail attending the AUS weekly meetings, and reporting back to the MSSA executives at their weekly executive meeting to be sure both parties – AUS and MSSA – are up to date on MSSA’s current and future plans throughout the year.

MSSA holds Annual General Meetings once a year in March to elect new members of the executive board to replace any graduating executives for the coming year. BMS students are encouraged to attend the MSSA AGM to stay informed on issues throughout the Media Studies community at UBC.

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