The Program

The Bachelor of Media Studies is a multidisciplinary, direct-entry program in the Faculty of Arts. Drawing on curriculum from Art History, Visual Art, English and German critical media theory, Creative Writing, Journalism, Film Studies, Film Production, Information Studies, and Computer Science, the BMS is a multidisciplinary program that combines media theory, research, and hands-on application.

With competencies in theory, research, and application, the Bachelor of Media Studies program builds a foundation for a rewarding and dynamic academic or professionally-oriented career.

  • Direct-entry program with cohort learning each year
  • Interdisciplinary: 7 Arts units and Computer Science
  • Optional international term abroad in third year
  • Course offerings at the Centre for Digital Media
  • Optional co-op placement opportunities in Vancouver’s digital sector and beyond
  • Optional Dual Degree with the Sauder School of Business Bachelor + Master of Management

The Bachelor of Media Studies provides students with a broad foundation and knowledge in the many disciplines that make up media studies. The program is not designed as a training or certificate program in advertising, public relations, graphic design, social media management, or media production. Students build a strong theoretical and research-based foundation that guides and informs their practice, and graduate with an informed skill set that can be applied across the media and creative industries, other related fields, and many other sectors and disciplines.

How do the programs at the Vancouver and Okanagan campus differ?

Both BMS programs at UBC focus on media studies, but from different perspectives. The UBC Vancouver campus focuses on media from a humanities and liberal arts perspective, with more course offerings in areas such as Film Studies, Information Studies, media theory, Journalism, and Art History. While students in the BMS-V program will take some Computer Science, it is not a main focus of the program. The BMS-V program focuses on inquiry and research, and prepares students to engage with media across the 7 different Arts disciplines that make up the program.

The program at the Okanagan campus is much more focused on Computer Science and Visual Arts, and offers fewer courses in the humanities and liberal arts. Students focus on digital skills, including still image, sound, moving images, digital animations, virtual and data worlds, simulations, games, interface and interactive design, application of encoded media practice, and the construction of networked environments and communities.

Prospective students should choose each program based on their teaching focus. Once admitted, students cannot transfer between the two BMS degree programs at the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.