The Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) at UBC is a multidisciplinary, direct-entry program in the Faculty of Arts.

The program encourages students to build a strong theoretical and research-based foundation that can be applied across various media and creative industries.

The BMS program blends theory and practice, both in and out of the classroom. Students enrolled in the program will follow a year-by-year structure with the following elements:

  • Direct-entry with cohort-style learning
  • Multidisciplinary courses: Art History, Visual Art, English and German Critical Media Theory, Creative Writing, Journalism, Film Studies, Film Production, Information Studies and Computer Science
  • Optional experiential learning term in third year
  • Course offerings at the Centre for Digital Media
  • Optional dual degree with the Sauder School of Business Bachelors & Masters of Management program


The Bachelor of Media Studies is broken down into three main areas: core courses, core plus courses and electives.

Core Courses

Core courses ensure a broad foundation in media studies with a focus on theory, research and application. Core courses must be completed in four years. Each year there are specific Core courses that you must take in order to stay on track with the cohort model.

Core Plus Courses

Core plus courses cover a range of subjects related to media. Students may focus their core plus requirements and electives on a single area of media studies to become more specialized.


Elective credits can come from any course in the Faculty of Arts and at UBC. Please keep in mind, although there is no minimum level of elective requirements, certain courses will have their own prerequisites. Elective credits can be applied towards a minor specialization.

BMS Program Year By Year

The BMS program is four-year, cohort model program with specific course requirements that needed to be completed in certain time frames.

Core Plus Request Form

If you are currently enrolled in an elective course that could fulfill the core plus requirement, please fill out the core plus request form with the course syllabus and your rationale for the course to be reviewed.

  • UBC Student Number
  • Please input the Course Code and Course Description.
  • Please upload the course syllabus provided by the course instructor
  • Please provide a rationale as to why you believe this course should be applied as a Core Plus course rather than an elective. Keep in mind Core Plus courses need to specialize in an area of media studies (ex. history of media, cultural studies of media, etc.) and not specific skills related to media.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.