We Are Hiring: Media Studies Remote Cohort Developers

Job Title: Media Studies Remote Cohort Developers
Arts Students Remote Work on Campus Opportunity


The Media Studies Program is a specialty multidisciplinary program in the Faculty of Arts.  Bringing 11 disciplinary perspectives together into scholarship and practice of media studies, the program delivers these outcomes through an integrated cohort community between students and faculty.  We are hiring two remote work positions to imagine and develop creative cohort programming strategies for all years of the BMS program. The positions will develop digital content, facilitate infrastructure, resources and programming to be delivered throughout the upcoming academic year.  The positions will develop content in the form of written, image, and video resources that will populate interactive spaces towards developing remote cohort exchanges, orientation and continuation of media studies, networking and collegial opportunities.


Two candidates, representing different years in the BMS program, will work together and take on the roles outlined.  Candidates will;

  • conduct project management and leadership roles including liaising with different support systems of the program including administration, faculty and advising, Arts IT
  • initiate and engage in online meetings to research, record and archive resource developments
  • project management and organization of resources, compile research and questions, format for organized access and record keeping
  • research existing digital platforms and experiment with their functions, written summaries of user experience, exciting potentials and challenges in an analytical assessment
  • determine best practices in setting up the most appropriate system for community cohort development needs
  • creatively strategize for remote cohort development and facilitation that can include particular tactics for remote social programming connected to academics, content development including resources to describe elements of the program both official and iteratively
  • weekly check-in meetings with the supervisor(s), sometimes extended to the larger team, to share ideas, guide the process, problem solve and brainstorm, communicate findings from research, and to work through particular challenges
  • aid in communication with BMS students, developing connections, initiating mentorship opportunities


The two candidates (must be in the BMS Program) will be hired to work together and will be chosen to represent different years of the Media Studies program; therefore, all levels are encouraged to apply.  Particularly this role is well suited if you have an interest in digital technologies and content creation related to remote community development.  To fulfill the duties of the job, applicants must;

  • strong academic background in media studies
  • have access to the internet and a computer and experience with basic computer use, email, file management, etc.
  • access and experience using media software, image capturing devices, microphone, and overall comfort in learning user-friendly applications, social platforms, and experimenting with new online developments
  • able to work well independently, have strong initiative, multitasking, and time-management skills and wish to practice project management in an initiator role
  • excellent organizational, communication, social and interpersonal skill and must be able to conduct themselves in a professional manner when liaising and communicating online in group meetings
  • have, or willing to build, self-confidence by contributing ideas and methods to group discussions, development and learning of others, and commitment to personal growth
  • creative problem solvers, and excited about the possibilities and potentials of programming to enhance remote community cohort connections

Further qualifications considered an asset for the position(s);

  • advanced experience with social community building platforms, tools and software
  • strong social media communication content and curation skills
  • proven content creation skills using still and moving image production
  • fluent in pre- and post-editing of still and moving image production
  • skilled in writing for online media environments
  • a passionate, active member of the Media Studies Program and community, and be familiar with components and opportunities in the program


There are 2 positions, each are 10 hours a week for 9 weeks from June 22 – August 21, 2020. Total of 90 hours per position @ $21.37/hr


Please email a one-page cover letter detailing your interest and connection to the position, as well as a one page resume detailing relevant experience, and provide a link in the body of your email to online portfolio or examples of work related to the position to christine.donofrio@ubc.ca and arts.mediastudies@ubc.ca with the subject heading “BMS Cohort Development” by June 11, 2020.